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We'll give you the short and sweet version:

Meet Juan. Juan is the guy looking all cool to the right of this paragraph.

Juan was tired of how difficult it was to exercise with his phone. He didn't like going for runs with his phone in his pocket swinging back and forth, having to tuck it into his waistband, or holding his phone in his sweaty hands for the whole run. And he HATED armbands (still does). So he came up with an idea that reinvented the pocket.

Enter Britt and Niki. Juan had the idea and vision down. He needed some creative help. That's where they stepped in. Together they became a nice little powerhouse of a group that brought you what you know today as Koali Athletico.


Koali's flagship products are a new breed of athletic wear. Using our KoaliPouch pocket design, our athletic apparel can be used to keep the belongings that matter the most, close and secure at all times. Whether it's your keys, phone, cards or more, they will be guaranteed to stay #KoaliKlose.